Welcome to Kanak Enterprises

Kanak Garlic, as a dry garlic exporter has faced their notoriety of being the top notch quality garlic processors in the Asian country, taking care of the demand and standing up as one of the best Garlic suppliers. The founder of Kanak Garlic is a Mr. Lokesh Harjani who has a tremendous knowledge in Garlic products and gained an immense experience in the exporting and supplying field by working on it since 27 years. Henceforth, Kanak Garlic has established an efficient team over the years that can process the best garlic one can find out there on the market.

Kanak Garlic in India is certified by the Indian government of being the leading garlic exporter and garlic processor.

Our team is in charge of cleaning and bundling of garlic before they are conveyed to clients. They are firmly checked for various quality parameters, and we bring out the best item that is new and palatable as well. Other than from few driving Asian garlic suppliers, we are perceived as the best endorsed Indian garlic specialists as well.

We have the privilege to offer different varieties of garlic at reasonable costs that can also beexported. Further, we are utilizing modern apparatuses and advances to prepare our items at various stages. We give small, medium and large garlic as well according to industry models and client requests. Similarly, with the quality, the expense of offering garlic is considerably more sensible, and you won’t ever find your pocket being squeezed. This is the achievement mantra for our success. We are Supplier, Commission agent and Exporter. Looking for best garlic? We’re just a click away.