At Kanak Garlic, we have an all-inclusive domain of clients that contains not only Asians but who stay overseas, too. The number reveals our expertise and also our reliability in garlic exporting business. If considering the national level, we have proved ourselves to be the most illustrious garlic suppliers across. However, talking about the other nations, we supply bulk garlic often as people who got hold of our garlic only can’t keep the word of our garlic to their mouths and end up in recommending us to their friends, family, and colleagues.

We have known garlic throughout our life since we started eating. While some of us feast on it; few others doesn’t prefer it. However, if you’re looking to cook an exquisite food item, usage of garlic is as mandatory as using anything else. Therefore, we don’t have to describe more about the product that you’re already familiar about. Putting it in a nutshell, a herb that is essential for the enhancement of your’s family’s health and that should be found in all homes irrespective of the country; garlic makes you better.

Garlic Transship and benefits:

Despite supplying garlic in massive amounts, we only offer products that are quality rich and exclusively fresh, at very optimized prices. Before getting to the final stage and releasing the product into the market, we conduct several security checks with precision and no compromise. Why should you buy garlic at Kanak Garlic? We, as an exporter doesn’t only sell garlic as just a spice that is to be added to your food intake but as a herb which has many medicinal benefits. Garlic apart from being a healthy condiment strengthens our digestive system, slows the growth of tumors, reduces the diabetic levels and demolishes the acidity. When consumed on the daily basis, it maintains a regular blood pressure and minimizes any unsaturated cholesterol formation making you less prone to liver diseases like Sarcosis et. al. Because of the advanced healing properties, it also beautifies you.

Quality-rich Bulk Supply affirming conditions:

  1. Finest storage facility for the raw garlic that has been collected.
  2. Protection from any natural damages and also man-made.
  3. Free from all sorts of pollution due to the safe environment adaption.
  4. Strict and regular quality checks by the expertise team.
  5.  No jeopardization in quality.
  6. Assurance of freshness and taste as the packaging is immediate and defect-free.