A product tends to be incompetent to be exported if the quality is not coping up with the expectations. Kanak Garlic offers you the best range of Garlic throughout the world. Due to the sophisticated processing methods and getting hold of the garlic that is rich in quality and manufactured organic; the quality doesn’t change even after the processing techniques. The reason that people chose us is that we keep quality as the factor to govern all out selling actions. The fact that we only allow garlic to be processed and exported after quality checks reveals our dedication towards quality.

You must be wondering, why quality is such an important specification to be considered? Well, apart from the taste, flavor and the odor; a low-quality garlic might as well create side effects like pregnancy, breastfeeding, bleeding disorder, low blood pressure and several digestive issues. This apparently is why we apparently put our maximum efforts and amusing state-of-art techniques to ensure that the output is premier. Imperceptibly, it leads to the customer satisfaction and expansion of the band through human promotion.

Control Measures:

  1. As the raw garlic arrives the factor, we audit the repeated inspections in several stages guided by the managers before initiating the processing procedures.
  2. Our building is eco-friendly and polluted free as it is constructed in a non-polluted zone following the Green-building rules.
  3. Along with the processing infrastructure, we have a separate re-processing equipment that gives the peerless garlic, meeting the customer’s requirements.
  4. Our factory along with the processing methods follow all kinds of International Standard rules and norms set by both Indian Government and other nation’s governments.
  5. The customization of garlic often tends place according to the usage by following specific processing methods.
  6.  We never run out of the raw material as we always stock up for an entire year instead of depending on the crop-to-crop selling.
  7.  Above all, our garlic is undivided organic and has very little microbial elements.

Research & Development:

At Kanak Garlic, we conduct training classes for the staff where we as well as the employees try to grow by attaining new knowledge and also by exchanging the knowledge between us. Due to this, the progress is always adequate giving a broad scope for research and development. The best part is the infrastructure that is available to emerge as an independent unit of experience technicians and innovative methods.